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  1. Yehiel and I are home, babysitting for my dads as they and one of my brothers are visiting Great-Grandma in Eilat. It has been fun. Some of the kids are at the grandparents’, which makes it easier for us. Last night we made butter popcorn and Coca Cola floats and watched movies. 
  2. My step dad Brian wrote me on Thursday that he and his family will visit Israel for Passover. I’m excited to see them and meet his children. I am really blessed to have so many people who love me.
  3. Yesterday I got an email from Hungary. A friend of my dad’s got some urban honey as a gift, and she shared a photo with me. 025
    It made me super excited! There is going to be a bee keeping class at my uncle’s kibbutz in February that Y and I signed up for. Hopefully in no time we will be making enough honey to start thinking about cute jar and label designs.
  4. Took the kids to synagogue in the morning. There was kiddush afterwards, so we took a big bowl of potato salad and home made chicken bites. We were very popular with them. It is a very simple recipe we used for the salad, and it will be listed in the congregation cookbook.
  5. Mentioning the congregation cookbook. I volunteered to be the editing committee.
  6. Yehiel’s mom sent us a slow cooker for Chanukah. It’s a 4 person sized one, so we usually cook with our room mate. We take turns shopping and cooking and we use it almost daily. I need some recipes, not neccessarily kosher ones, but if they are it’s all the better. I brought it home for the weekend, and made some really awesome hot chocolate for all of us for breakfast.
  7. I decided to quit smoking Y and our roommate both joined me in this, because it’s easier if we all do it together. Roommate was a very heavy smoker, so he decided to go with an electric cigarette, Y uses some nicotine patches and I just don’t smoke. So far so good, 5 days without a cigarette for any of us.

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