My dad has a friend, who is from a beekeeper family. She has been sending us honey from Hungary for about a year now. There are many of us, we eat a lot of honey. We always supplemented the honey from Andrea with local honey. Yehiel and I love honey, and we eat it almost daily. I am also spending a small fortune on honey!

Two weeks ago I saw a sign for cheap used beekeeping supplies. I managed to buy enough supplies for two families, with promise for actual bees in the spring! I1m becoming an urban beekeeper. Don’t worry, I actually know a few things about bees and how to keep them. I’m very excited to have my own honey!

Also, I wanted to share with you a giveaway that’s open to USA residents and international readers as well. No purchase required, and you can win an Amazon gift card if you are a foreigner like me, or a Starbucks or iTunes one if you are in the USA along with some other goodies! It’s by a friend of my dad’s, really nice people, who have adopted two girls internationally.


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  1. Ciska says:

    Good luck with the beekeeping!

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