• Missed synagogue this morning by sleeping in. Made waffles with Nutella for breakfast. Used a Dolce Gusto coffee machine for the first and probably last time in my life. It is not as good as expensive.
  • Hung out at a music store that was selling old vinyls for between HUF 100 and 300 (₪ 1.7-5 or $.5-1.5) so I looked at a few, if only for the covers. The first record where I randomly reached into the box was a Shlomo Artzi LP. What are the chances!
  • I still had quite a bit of money left in the morning that I wanted to spend. I’ve been saving my money for Chanukah shopping and didn’t want to lose on conversion, so I set out with my dad to finish shopping. Before I knew it I had gone through two different Christmas markets and a regular one. Who knew so many awesome things can be bought in a One Euro Market or a cheap plastic stuff shop?
  • I bought some books and lots of post cards. I think I’ll use them to decorate my room. I also bought two little LEGO figures for my bookshelf.
  • Never go to IKEA on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas. Trust me, I did just that. I shouldn’t have.
  • Had coffee and marble cake at McCafé. I was given a returning customer card. Anyone wants it?
  • Went to a small synagogue in the afternoon. It was nice. Won’t be going back there. My yiddish is not enough to get by.
  • I took a photo of two post cards both of the great synagogue. I love them side by side.
  • I bought some very cute reusable shopping bags to take home. They are nice and environmentally friendly.
  • A Greenpeace volunteer tried to get some money from us. His English prevented it happening.
  • Grabbed dinner at a McDonald’s. I had my first ever Big Mac. The “100 times better than a Big Mac” sandwich yesterday was indeed 100 times better.
  • I should be asleep, because I need to be at the airport at 5 a.m. Neither of us can sleep. Bummer. 

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