What does that even mean?

Anyway, today was a fun day. I had my last speech appointment in the morning and after that Dad, his friends and I went ice skating. Dad didn’t skate, but that was for the best. His friend Michael had a fall and needed some stitches in his hand where someone ran him over.

While Dad and Michael were at the doctor’s, Michael’s boyfriend and I went for lunch. Sher is not Jewish, and he took me to this place he discovered in Budapest. It sells a special Hungarian type of pig in various forms. From lard to burgers to chocolate dragee, you can get everything. It’s very nice.

They have various sausages and salamis, cold cuts, cheeses, a wide selection of jam and honey, as well as freshly made grilled dishes. It had been a while since I ate some pork, but the “100 times better than a Big Mac” sandwich was totally worth going to hell. Freshly baked rustic bread, a large patty and mixed salad. Very excellent. Across the street there was a big book store, too, where we spent a bit of time. They had some English books, and I bought a few.

A blogger posted a question about what our favourit


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